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Earthquake Insurance

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Did you know that California has hundreds of active faults throughout the state that have the potential to produce large earthquakes? Is your property protected with California earthquake insurance?

California, located on the San Andreas Fault actually produces thousands of earthquakes each year. Although most of these are small and go unnoticed, the potential for large earthquakes is great. If you own a home in California, you should be covered with California earthquake insurance.

CA Earthquake insurance is vital to protect your home and it’s belongings in case the “big one” hits the area. A major fault earthquake could cause thousands of deaths and devastate much of California’s infrastructure. Older brick buildings and tilt up construction are the most vulnerable, but if an earthquake occurs, the chances for damage to your home are very high.

Whether you want to focus on protecting the structure of your home, the contents and your possessions, or want a plan that offers additional living expenses in the event of a truly ruthless quake, then rest assured because at Austin, Reilley & Doud Insurance Services we can help tailor a plan specifically to you!

Contact Austin, Reilley & Doud Insurance Services today, one of our dedicated insurance professionals will be happy to help answer your questions regarding California earthquake Insurance.

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